Have it both ways.

Tame your helmet hair.

Does your helmet leave your scalp feeling naked and exposed?
Or crushed and matted hair that sticks to your scalp?
Done in by the rain, sweat and dirt, is your hair a matted mess?
Does everyone mistake you for a mad scientist?

Helmet Hare can help.

You don't have to choose between having fun and looking good. Helmet Hare is the fast and easy way to get your hair back in shape after a ride.

So ditch the backwards baseball cap. Beat helmet hair with Helmet Hare.

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    Re-Do Rags

    Pre-moistened Cloths


    The original Helmet Hare restoration & rescue rag for bikers. Each pre-treated towel is designed to wet down the cowlicks, pull up the laydowns, and give your do a fresh start. Redo Rags(tm) cloths have a fresh scent and can also be used on your hands and face — even for digging that glove gunk out of your nails.

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    Hardcore Headwash

    Dry Shampoo


    Hot, wet or just plain long rides can really mess up your do. If you’ve got an oily mess under your helmet, just reach for this little bottle of no-rinse head wash. Simply rub it into your hair and style with a comb or your fingers — you’ll be ready to knock ’em dead in literally seconds.


    Cottontail Cure

    Spray-on Conditioner


    Tired of being asked if you just got a haircut? Finer, dryer hair flattens into a pathetic patchwork of exposed scalp, Helmet Hare Cottontail Cure is a must-have. This conditioning treatment is designed to restore some heft to that matted straw on top of your head.


    About Us

    We’re no pretty boys, but that doesn’t mean we have to look like roadkill after a ride. We were looking for a way to ditch the do-rag without thrashing our manhood, so we made our own.  Now you can fix that mess on top of your head right from your seat. No hassle, no time, no problem.

    ​Helmet Hare gets you there.


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